First Choice of Bike Racks

Manufacturing Center

King Roof has been manufacturing in Taiwan for 40 years and the first one in Asia to make bike carriers.

We have the complete equipment in manufacturing bike carriers such as CNC tube bending, CNC punch press, CNC robotic welding, semi-auto assembly lines, and indoor warehouse. Stringent IQC, IPQC, and OQC are implemented at each manufacturing stages.

To achieve the goal of creating unparalleled value to customer we makes efforts to maximize our effectiveness by providing OEM, ODM, and OBM services. In 2015, we invest multi million dollars in state of arts facility.

 Moreover, in order to maintain the consistent quality and reduce the cost, standard of practice (SOP) and lean manufacturing principles (KPS/King Roof Production System) guided by Japanese IE consultants are thoroughly practiced in each production run.


Bending Center

- Single Bending
- Double Bending
- Automatic Hydraulic CNC Bending



- 10 to 500 tons Pressing machines



- Japanese Robotic welding machines
- Spot welding machine
- Tooling storage



- Automatic Packing Machine
- Automatic conveyor Lines
- Pneumatic and Electrical Hand Tools
- Assembly Line